Ermeyas Belachew

I am specialized in web and web applications and take great pride in offering not only quality development, but also high speed in developing. I hold a unique perspective given my entrepreneurial and engineering background.

I have over 6 years of experiences building web and mobile applications. I began my career in software after I built out my own websites idea in college.

I work well using the latest frameworks and languages such as React Js (with hooks), React Native, Vue, Javascript(with ECMA), pyhton, Django and Node.js. I have worked with many backends/API's effectively using Apollo GraphQL, REST API's, Firebase, Twilio, Google, Social media SDK's and much more.

What I Do


Investing in IT(information Technology), Fund, Foreign Exchange, and Crypto Currency. The process is to deal with a lot of business and individual business clients and customers to upgrade our DCNine web solution image. Our team will be a unique dev team in Maryland by helping our customer's business goals. We will bound to success.


Our client product needs a strategic thinker that can research, design and test the right market.

My team is here to help you valiable the right product-market fit through greate UX/UI. We're not here to make clients a pretty website--what we do best is product strategy for B2B Sass companies. My team and I have a well-defined process that produces the best usability for our clients product

Project Management

Identify the project requirements. Responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing projects within the decided-upon budget, timeline, and scope. They will also effectively monitor and present project updates to relevant stakeholders, clients, or project team members.

Web and Mobile development

Specializing in developing or deploying custom systems with mobile app integration, duplicating / replicating site functionality whether its a Airbnb, Ebay, or Uber like site or webv app, with customer additional customizations, or taking over development from oversees developers and cleaning and enhancing code.


7 Years of Experience

Professional Summary

  • Experience in Designing and building dynamic and user interactive websites using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, ES6, Angular, Express.js, Node JS, React JS, Vue JS, PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Python, Django REST API, Bootstrap, jQuery, XML, JSON, and AJAX.
  • Experienced with frontend project with modern JavaScript and TypeScript frameworks or libraries like React JS, Vue JS, Next JS, Gatsby JS, NuxtJS and not only modern frontend frameworks but also basic and traditional frontend building skill by using HTML, CSS, jQuery, etc. Strong experience in using frontend CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Tailwind and animation libraries like Animate.css, Bounce JS, GSAP
  • Good at D3.js, together.js, chart.js, etc. using this kind of visualization module and make the good vision user dashboard and build specialist data visualization interface
  • Proficient in consuming Restful Web Services with AJAX call and updating dynamic functionality of HTML in JavaScript, jQuery, and frontend JS frameworks Promise-based HTTP client and making API calls by using modules like Axios, Httpservice, etc. And experienced in new data query and manipulation language for API (GraphQL, Apollo)
  • Experienced in backend projects with Node JS, Express JS, PHP, Laravel, Python, Django REST API, and third-party authentication by using social login (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Discord, etc.) and using Auth provider like JWT, OAuth, Firebase Auth. And building the backend API and API document by using Swagger
  • Experienced in Mobile application and PWA project by using React Native and Ionic also published to Google and App Store.
  • Expertise in JavaScript and TypeScript programming and have a good understanding of OOPs
  • Have good experience in writing SQL queries, PL/SQL Procedures, Functions and Triggers and familiar with Non-Relational Database like Mongo DB and Orient DB.
  • Experience in DevOps and Azure and build the CI dev ENV in a number of projects.
  • Experience in Agile teamwork and tools like Git, Gitlab, DevOps, Jira, Trello, Basecamp, Todolist, etc.


Kosin University

Computer Engineering

Master degree of Computer Enginnering, International Programar. able to think, design, and apply knowledge into practice in the areas of software, hardware, and networking which are foundations of technology and communication systems.


Aug 2019 - Apr 2020
OculusAlerts NY

Full Stack web developer & website maintainer

  • Responsible for creating, designing, and reviewing Web site by gathering business specifications, the Agile Scrum Application Development Methodology adopted.
  • Using Figma for the company new sub-service (proxy service) UI/UX design
  • Project planning documents assumptions, functional requirements, product features, and programmer specifications. Recommend operational and process improvements based on efficiencies and available technologies.
  • Used PHP and CodeIgniter framework to avoid conflict between pre and new env
  • Used the MySQL database to use the pre database and extend that.
  • Used naming service to hidden the backend proxy provider endpoint.
  • retrieve all of the proxy endpoints provider market prices (,
  • integrate with Discord Auth API to implement social login in the system.
  • Stripe and PayPal payment Gateway integrate

Environment: PHP 7, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Html, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Naming service, API integration, Third-party Authentication(Discord)

Oct 2017 - Mar 2019
J.Louis Dev Team

Full stack developer

  • Research, UI/UX design and implement technical specifications for the product based on client requirement
  • Ensure projects are built to meet performance, security, and functional client requirements.
  • Stay up-to-date on industry standards and incorporate them appropriately.
  • Assist with testing, debugging, documentation, and overall quality assurance of projects.
  • Involved in the requirement analysis, design, development, review, deployment as well as in the testing of the product.
  • After service for individual client and upgrade website based on client desired feature.

Environment: PHP, Laravel, Node, React, Gatsby Express, Vue, MySQL, MongoDB, SQL server, Orient DB

Achieved projects:

  • - This is one of the freelancing websites like Fiverr and There are 2 kind of business first one is buying the service that provides from sellers. The business workflow is most like Fiverr. And the second one is posting the specific job from the client and apply for from the freelancer side with an individual proposal. But the buy & sell business is more active in

  • - This is one of the ERP and FinTech websites for Quemart company. Worked on this project from scratch and finish this project by using Laravel. Here is test account (username: “king king”, password: “bgt54321”)

Sep 2015 - Jun 2017

React Frontend Developer

  • Involved in the development and programming of a modern website, utilizing React, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Designed user Interface using Material UI components such as tabs, grids, dropdowns, etc. And configured the routing service using React. Involved in developing Angular-JS directives to do reusable UI components.
  • Used Axios to retrieve the data from the server and to display the content on the browser and took part in creating custom reusable components.
  • Involved in the development of HTML and JavaScript for client-side presentation and forms-wide data validation.
  • Used Spring Declarative Transaction Management to manage request transactions.
  • Spring batch jobs built for importing XML data into the database and for email alerts.
  • Used extensively Eclipse in development and debugging the application and GIT tools to manage the code versions.

Environment: React, material UI, Git, DevOps, Html, Sass

Web Technology

Javascript / TypeScript


ReactJS / Next / GatsBy


VueJS / Nuxt


NodeJS / Express


Python / Django


PHP / Laravel / CodeIgniter


Mobile Technology

React Native




Hosting & Cloud Service

AWS(S3, ES2, Lambda)




Bluehost, Godaday












My Works



Dentist blogging and service appointment


Automatically Transform Website Visitor into Warm Lead




Legiit freelancing website




Per-dime Inc Company


Multi service provider including Proxy


quemart ERP Project


Sector Compare


Business Support


Financial Doctor Business


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